Rubio Monocoat Maintenance Oil (Natural)

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  • Overview
  • The Rubio Monocoat Maintenance Oil is a high-quality and environmentally friendly oil to protect and maintain your Spinwood Garden Bench.

Product details

The ultimate wood protection based on molecular bindings.

Rubio Monocoat is the reference for the high-quality and environmentally friendly protection of the wood of your Spinwood garden bench. The advanced molecular binding technology on which the effect of Rubio Monocoat is based not only makes Rubio Monocoat oils durable, but also extremely economical and user-friendly. The Rubio Monocoat oil anchors itself - in a few seconds - to the upper microns of the wood by forming a molecular binding with the cellulose fibres (no film formation, no saturation method). This unique technology has distinguished Rubio Monocoat from other wood protection products for many years.

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