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What type of wood is used for the Spinwood Garden Bench?

Our benches are made of Mahogany Sapeli wood. This is one of the most durable wood types.

Does the Spinwood Garden Bench require any maintenance?

The Spinwood Garden Bench is delivered unoiled and if you leave the bench untreated, the wood will slowly enter the natural aging process. If you wish to keep the colour of the bench as delivered, you should treat it with protective oil from day one. You will have to repeat this process frequently.

What will happen to the colour of the bench if untreated?

Wood is a natural product and, unless properly treated, will discolour to light grey over time. Some planks will turn grey sooner than others, but after 3-6 months the bench will become an even light grey colour.

How do I prevent greasy fingers and stains on the bench?

The wooden planks have been treated at the factory, which means that they are protected against stains for a short period of time. This protective layer will disappear after a few days/weeks. The bench will then no longer be protected against stains. If you desire protection against stains, you can treat the bench with maintenance oil.
If the bench remains untreated, stains will disappear during the natural aging process. You can remove stains directly using triangle soap and Dusty or Dubro degreasers. We recommend that you always clean the entire plank and do not use aggressive cleaning agents.

Which maintenance oil is recommended?

In our experience Rubio Wood Protector Natural works best.

The Rubio oil slows down the aging process and, as long as you use the Spinwood protective cover, you will have to apply the oil just once a year.

Can I still treat the bench with maintenance oil if the bench has already entered the aging process?

If desired, it is best to treat the bench with maintenance oil immediately after delivery. Treatment is also possible during the aging process, but the bench must first be properly cleaned and lightly sanded and degreased.
The colour will never be exactly the same as delivered.
The bench will eventually discolour to light grey again. If desired, the bench can then be re-treated.

Below is an example of the natural aging process. This process is different for each plank. During the aging process, dark and light spots may appear. This is normal. Eventually the planks will discolour evenly. Hairline cracks in the wood are also normal during this process.

Is the bench completely straight without any irregularities?

The steel base will always be straight, but the wood is a natural product and will therefore always manoeuvre itself. Due to various weather conditions, the planks will show minor effects such as hairline cracks and slight warping.
If you believe your bench shows signs of different phenomena, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. Please send a message with photographs and/or a video, so that we can assess the situation and look for a suitable solution together.

Is it possible that the steel frame of the Spinwood Garden Bench starts rusting?

The laser-cut frame is made of sheet metal, electrolytically galvanised and double coated. This means the bottom part will not show signs of rusting, unless you cause a scratch that removes the entire coating.
Older versions of the Spinwood Garden Bench feature bumpers with a small iron core. This iron part may rust and cause rust drips on the steel frame. These drips are easy to remove with a damp cloth.

What if my bumpers come loose, start rusting or need to be replaced?

In case you have aged bumpers or rubbers that no longer remain in place, we can supply you with a new set.

What is the best way to clean the bench?

Generally speaking, you do not have to clean the bench. Wiping the bench with a clean and soft brush is sufficient.

The Spinwood protective cover also helps. You can use this during the autumn and winter months, so that the bench remains protected against rain, snow and other weather influences. Never place the bench under the cover while it is damp and remove the cover regularly so that the bench can sufficiently air to prevent mould.
We do not recommend using a high-pressure cleaner to clean the bench. This may cause the wood structure to crack and the wood to become extra susceptible to mould and damage.

Why is the bench delivered unassembled?

Our Spinwood Garden Benches are delivered in two sturdy boxes. Transport of an assembled bench increases the risk of damage, which we wish to prevent.

Is the bench easy to assemble?

The bench is easy to assemble and comes with an extensive manual. For more insight, you can take a look at the following assembly video.

Can I also have my bench delivered assembled?

This is possible in consultation.

Is it possible for you move the bench into the house or garden during delivery?

The bench will be delivered to the front door by our carrier. Should you wish to have the bench positioned in a special location, please contact us before purchase. We can then assess what the possibilities are.

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us via [email protected].

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