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About Spinwood

About us

Spinwood is a Dutch family company specialized in cool looking wooden gadget furniture. The foldable products from the Spinwood series are innovative and multifunctional.

The Spinwood garden bench for example can be transformed in one single twist to a large picnic table for the whole family or the cabinet that can be turned into a dining table in one go. The furniture is designed by the innovative top designer Ilias Ernst. They are made of a combination of wood and high-quality coated steel.

Spinwood is based Naarden. Tiltak BV and Slowjuice.nl are two other companies that are based in the same building. They are also part of the same family business.

The Emergence

On a sunny spring day two brothers in Amsterdam wanted to sit in the sun on their sidewalk. It bothered them that they had to move chairs around every time they wanted to go outside.

A fixed bench would be nice, a picnic table even better. But that would most certainly stand in the way the rest of the year. And there is this rule in certain communities that a piece of furniture can’t be further away from your house than half a meter. The brothers started looking for a better way to spend their moments outside in the sun.

Together with top designer Ilias Ernst they invented a completely new product that unites everything a Dutch summer needs: a bench and picnic table in one. It became the first item in a range of design furniture with a twist.

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